Youtube E3

For three years Youtube contacted us at Upperquad to design a game around voting for their Trailer Battle at E3 and create a site for their E3 coverage. For those who don't know, E3 is the world's biggest gaming conference where all the big companies announce their new products and initiatives for the upcoming year. As a lover of video games I couldn't wait to dive in.

01 — A Trailer for a Trailer
One of the most awesome parts of this project was concepting some of the character designs that would live in our Trailer for the Trailer battle. We collaborated with Weareseventeen and Plan8 to help bring this trailer to life and it never could have happened without them.
02 — The Trailer
Concepted as a bunch of "non-descript" video games to pay homage to the greatest franchises and to avoid copyright issues we created a grand battle in a multiverse to help get people excited to vote, watch, comment, subscribe, and participate in this years trailer battle. As the real nerds say: GET HYPE!
03 — Website
We also integrated live feeds and playlists on the actual web portion of the site to keep content fresh, relevant, and interesting to parse through.
04 — Voting
We incentivized voting by having different easter eggs pop up as you vote. These easter eggs were randomized so that no particular easter egg was incentivized over another. All these easter eggs were homages to popular gaming franchises. We worked with illustrator Trevor Van Meter to help bring these items to life.
05 — Keeping Track
To further incentivization we also created special easter eggs that triggered if you collected all the easter eggs from voting. Finishing a collection of items in this case, triggers a boss easter egg.
06 — Rewards
And if you defeat all the bosses you summon the final boss the legendary Yoot'Ewb.